Rabbit & Turtle Beverage Corp

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

What is the significance of 'Rabbit and Turtle'? 
Aaron likes rabbits. Jill likes turtles. It's that simple. We believe in quality vs. quantity. When it comes to our products, we believe that less is more. 'Rabbit and Turtle' represents our simple business strategy: Produce great products with no unnecessary shortcuts, ingredients, or marketing gimmicks, and let our consumers be the judge. 

What is the significance of 'Colonel Jesse's'? 
'Colonel Jesse' was the nickname given to Jill’s father by his mother upon his return from serving in Vietnam as a Tet Offensive Marine. ‘Colonel Jesse’s’ demand for things done well, as well as the work ethic he instilled in his daughter, are very much in every bottle.

Why is it brownish-red?
The natural source of quinine – that which makes tonic tonic – is the bark of the Cinchona Calisaya tree of Peru. We incorporate that bark into the production process to produce a more authentic and all-natural tonic solution. The bark itself is a powder that looks very much like ground cinnamon – hence the brownish-red color.  

Is there alcohol in Colonel Jesse's Small Batch Tonic?
Not a drop – yet. Our tonics are all natural food products, which double as both premium cocktail mixers, as well as a non-alcoholic beverage alternatives...just add soda water, meow! 

How do I use Colonel Jesse's Tonics at home?
Responsibly, of course. Each flavor of our tonic has been inspired by the flavor profile of a specific base spirit. To assist your inner bartender, we provide you with a recommended recipe on the bottle. While we urge you to try the recommended libation, we also encourage you to come up with your own interesting libations!

Are there other flavors available?
Currently, the only commercially available flavor is our Cucumber-Ginger, which pairs beautifully with Hendrick's cucumber-rose infused gin and St. Germain elderflower liqueur in our Loch Ness Tonic cocktail. There are three meow flavors to come, so stay tuned!

What is your privacy policy?
Privacy policy: We collect very basic customer information for internal purposes only and do not share this information with anybody.